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Howard Yegendorf

Howard Yegendorf

Full Name: Howard Yegendorf

Specialty: Personal Injury

Toll Free: 1-866-303-5118

Fax: 613-237-4001

Location:393 University Ave #2000, Toronto, ON M5G 1E6, Canada; 

Business Name: Howard Yegendorf & Associates

Phone: 647-360-0267

Email: info@yegendorflawfirm.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Delaney's Law Firm

Delaney's Law Firm

Full Name: Delaney's Law Firm

Specialty: Real estate

Business Name: Delaney's Law Firm

Phone: 613-233-7000

Fax: 1-866-846-4191

Location:543 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 5Z9, Canada; 

Email: bryan@delaneys.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Nadeau Young LLP

Full Name: Nadeau Young LLP

Specialty: Intellectual Property

Business Name: Nadeau Young LLP

Phone: (613) 715-0393

Fax: (613) 237-9580

Location:1673 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2A 0Y2, Canada; 

Email: kyle@nadeauyoung.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

David Gardiner

Full Name: David Gardiner

Specialty: Personal Injury and LTD Law

Business Name: DMPG Professional Corporation

Phone: 613-225-0037, Ext. 13

Toll Free: 1-800-479-1034

Fax: 613-225-0921

Location:Ottawa, ON, Canada; 

Email: dgardiner@ccglaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Virginia Dolinska

Full Name: Virginia Dolinska

Specialty: Criminal and DUI Defence

Business Name: Virginia Dolinska Criminal Defence

Phone: 613-316-5784

Fax: 613-822-5593

Location:190 O'Connor St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1T6, Canada; 

Email: vdoli2008@live.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Fiat Justitia Legal Services

Full Name: Fiat Justitia Legal Services

Specialty: Human Rights, SABS Accident Claims, WSIB and Employment Law

Business Name: Fiat Justitia Legal Services

Phone: 613-883-0713

Fax: 613-440-1573

Location:Ottawa, ON, Canada; 

Email: fiat.justitia.2013@gmail.com

Account type:Lawyer; 


Full Name: Mohammefzorba

Specialty: Corporate

Business Name: Hassan al abdooli

Phone: 00971502709055

Location:125 Boteler St, Ottawa, ON K1N 0A4, Canada; 

Email: Mohamedzorba87@hotmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Tinashe Madzingo [s]advocacy by Caryma Sa'd

Full Name: Tinashe Madzingo [s]advocacy by Caryma Sa'd

Business Name: [s]advocacy by Caryma Sa'd

Phone: 647-360-7182

Toll Free: 1-855-663-2723

Fax: 647-360-7192

Location:197 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2C8, Canada; 

Email: tinashemadzingosadvocacy@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

McCague Borlack LLP

Full Name: McCague Borlack LLP

Specialty: Employment and Estates Litigation and Insurance Defence

Business Name: McCague Borlack LLP

Phone: 4168608094

Fax: 4168600003

Location:99 Bank St #1450, Ottawa, ON K1P, Canada; 

Email: smonardo@mccagueborlack.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Mr. Joshua J David, BBA (Hons), J.D.

Full Name: Mr. Joshua J David, BBA (Hons), J.D.

Specialty: Personal Injury Law

Business Name: Joshua David Law

Phone: 613-695-0110

Location:Ottawa, ON, Canada; 

Email: dchattlani@jjdlaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Langevin Morris Smith LLP

Full Name: Langevin Morris Smith LLP

Business Name: Langevin Morris Smith LLP

Phone: (613)230-5787

Fax: (613)230-8563

Location:190 O'Connor St, Ottawa, ON K2P 1T6, Canada; 

Email: dcapra@lmslawyers.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Ottawa Real Estate Practice Group

Full Name: Ottawa Real Estate Practice Group

Specialty: Real Estate Law

Business Name: Ottawa Real Estate Practice Group

Phone: 613 686 1756

Fax: 613 249 7343

Location:577 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 5J4, Canada; 

Email: brady@ottawarealestatelaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Gordon Freedman

Full Name: Gordon Freedman

Specialty: Computers and electronics, medical devices and chemical lab equipment

Business Name: Shapiro Cohen

Phone: 613-232-5300

Location:555 Legget Drive, Tower B, Suite 532, Ottawa, ON K2K 2X3, Canada; 

Email: gordon@gofreedman.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Michael Corbett

Full Name: Michael Corbett

Specialty: Construction Law

Business Name: The Law Office of Michael D. Corbett

Phone: 647-220-9288

Location:2 St Clair Ave E #800, Toronto, ON M4T 2T5, Canada; 

Email: mcorbett@constructionlegal.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Sean Giovannetti

Full Name: Sean Giovannetti

Specialty: Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip and Falls, Long Term Disability Claims, Car Accidents.

Business Name: Sean Giovannetti Professional Corporation- Personal Injury Law

Phone: 613-225-0037

Location:1447 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean, ON K2G 1W1, Canada; 

Email: sgiovannetti@ccglaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Paul Willetts

Full Name: Paul Willetts

Specialty: Employment Law

Business Name: Vey Willetts LLP - Ottawa Employment Lawyers

Phone: 613-238-4430

Location:275 Slater St #900, Ottawa, ON K1P, Canada; 

Email: paul@vwlawyers.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Ted Bergeron

Full Name: Ted Bergeron

Specialty: Injury law

Business Name: Bergeron Clifford LLP Injury Lawyers

Phone: 613-384-5886

Toll Free: 866-384-5886

Fax: 613-384-0501

Location:1 Hyperion Ct, Kingston, ON K7K 7G3, Canada; 

Email: bergeron@bergeronclifford.com

Account type:Paralegal;