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Agnihotri | Anwar LLP

Full Name: Agnihotri | Anwar LLP

Specialty: Real Estate Law

Fax: 416-645-5994

Location:330 Bay St #1400, Toronto, ON M5H 2S8, Canada; 

Business Name: Agnihotri Anwar LLP

Phone: 416-645-6594

Account type:Paralegal; 

Soni Law Firm

Full Name: Soni Law Firm

Specialty: Employment and Labour, Personal Injury, Human Rights, and Disability

Business Name: Soni Law Firm

Phone: 416.645.5940

Fax: 416.645.5940

Location:25 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON M2N 6S9, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Elliott Ambridge

Full Name: Elliott Ambridge

Specialty: Automotive accidents

Business Name: Ambridge Law LLP

Phone: 416-590-1777

Fax: 416-590-8997

Location:1000 Finch Ave W #801, North York, ON M3J 2V5, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Szajak Law Office

Full Name: Szajak Law Office

Specialty: Full Service Family Law Firm

Business Name: Szajak Law Office

Phone: (416) 848-3949

Location:25 Rivercrest Rd, York, ON M6S 4H4, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Scott Chambers

Full Name: Scott Chambers

Business Name: Blumberg Segal LLP

Phone: 416-361-1982

Toll Free: 1-866-961-1982

Fax: 416-363-8451

Location:390 Bay St #1202, Toronto, ON M5H, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Devin Persaud

Full Name: Devin Persaud

Specialty: Competition

Business Name: Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Phone: 416 367 6298

Location:22 Adelaide St W #3400, Toronto, ON M5H 4E3, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Aghi Balachandran

Full Name: Aghi Balachandran

Business Name: Balachandran Law

Phone: 6474662444

Fax: 6474945474

Location:60 Atlantic Ave #213, Toronto, ON M6K 1X9, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

J.S. Patel, Barrister

Full Name: J.S. Patel, Barrister

Specialty: Criminal Defence and Immigration Enforcement

Business Name: Kay Patel Mahoney Chow - Barrister's Chambers

Phone: 403-585-1960

Toll Free: 1-888-695-2211

Fax: 403-452-8015

Location:444 5 Ave SW #2300, Calgary, AB T2P 2T8, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Barbara Hendrickson

Full Name: Barbara Hendrickson

Specialty: Securities Law

Business Name: BAX Securities Law

Phone: 647 403 4606

Location:181 University Ave #2200, Toronto, ON M5H, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Geoffrey Ken Thompson

Full Name: Geoffrey Ken Thompson

Specialty: corporate commercial IP/IT and entertainment law

Business Name: Ken Thompson Law

Phone: 416 457 4941

Location:79 Shuter St #200, Toronto, ON M5B 1B3, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Claim Accident Services

Full Name: Claim Accident Services

Business Name: Claim Accident Services

Phone: 844-722-5246

Location:1 Yonge St #1801, Toronto, ON M5E 2A3, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Gwendolyn L. Adrian

Full Name: Gwendolyn L. Adrian

Specialty: Litigation

Business Name: Adrian Law

Phone: 647-774-8919

Fax: 647-479-2451

Location:Toronto, ON, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Michael Corbett

Full Name: Michael Corbett

Specialty: Construction Law

Business Name: The Law Office of Michael D. Corbett

Phone: 647-220-9288

Location:2 St Clair Ave E #800, Toronto, ON M4T 2T5, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Sara Yousefi

Full Name: Sara Yousefi

Specialty: Employment Law

Business Name: Monkhouse Law

Phone: 416-907-9249

Location:357 Bay St #804, Toronto, ON M5H 4A6, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Aaron Edgar

Full Name: Aaron Edgar

Specialty: Toronto Patent Lawyer

Business Name: Edgar Chana Law

Phone: 647-478-9705

Location:1203 Lorimar Dr, Mississauga, ON L5S 1M9, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Ashley Fisch

Full Name: Ashley Fisch

Specialty: Immigration, Employment

Business Name: Kaminker Weinstock Associates

Phone: 416-840-0525 extension 111

Fax: 416-840-0506

Location:40 Eglinton Ave E #403, Toronto, ON M4P 1A6, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Jeffery Frymer

Full Name: Jeffery Frymer

Business Name: Jeffery Frymer

Phone: 416-446-1200

Location:Toronto, ON, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Aaries Family Law

Full Name: Aaries Family Law

Specialty: Family Law

Business Name: Aaries Family Law

Phone: 416-970-0412

Location:69 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G 1H2, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Oziel Law

Full Name: Oziel Law

Specialty: Business and Technology Lawyer, Trademark Agent

Business Name: Oziel Law

Phone: 4169000882

Location:5255 Yonge St #800, North York, ON M2N 5P8, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

Noah M. Kadish

Full Name: Noah M. Kadish

Specialty: Disability and Employment Law

Phone: (416) 931-2555

Location:Toronto, ON, Canada; 

Account type:Paralegal; 

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