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Parmar Law

Full Name: Parmar Law

Specialty: Child Welfare, Refugee

Fax: 403 455 9796

Location:404 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0R9, Canada; 

Business Name: Parmar Law

Phone: 403 455 4349

Email: info@parmarlaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Paul Manning

Full Name: Paul Manning

Specialty: Family Law

Business Name: Resolve Legal Group

Phone: 403-229-2365

Fax: 403-229-0139

Location:318 11 Ave SE #440, Calgary, AB T2G 0Y2, Canada; 

Email: paul@resolvelegalgroup.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Cyndy D Morin

Full Name: Cyndy D Morin

Specialty: Family Law


Phone: 403-229-2365

Toll Free: 1-866-Resolve

Fax: 1-403-229-0139

Location:318 11 Ave SE #440, Calgary, AB T2G 0Y2, Canada; 

Email: Cyndy@resolvelegalgroup.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Kahane Law Office

Full Name: Kahane Law Office

Business Name: Kahane Law Office

Phone: (403) 225-8810

Toll Free: 877-225-8817

Fax: (403) 225-8289

Location:7309 Flint Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1G3, Canada; 

Email: info@kahanelaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Dukeshire Law Office

Full Name: Dukeshire Law Office

Specialty: Family, Estate, Will, and Real Estate Law

Business Name: Dukeshire Law Office

Phone: (403)286-7008

Fax: 403-286-7644

Location:4616 Valiant Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3A 0X9, Canada; 

Email: dukeshirelaw@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Widdowson Kachur Ostwald Menzies LLP

Full Name: Widdowson Kachur Ostwald Menzies LLP

Specialty: Family Law

Business Name: Widdowson Kachur Ostwald Menzies LLP

Phone: (403)457-0511

Fax: (403) 457-0211

Location:801 6 Ave SW #2250, Calgary, AB T2P, Canada; 

Email: gbrady@wkfamilylawyers.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Bodnaruk Law

Full Name: Bodnaruk Law

Specialty: Family & Personal Injury Law

Business Name: Bodnaruk Law

Phone: 403.288.0009

Fax: 403.202.1466

Location:Valiant Shopping Centre, 4625 Varsity Dr NW, Calgary, AB T3A 0Z9, Canada; 

Email: mbodnaruk@nwcalgarylaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Adam J. Norget

Full Name: Adam J. Norget

Specialty: Employment / Civil Litigation / Commercial Litigation

Business Name: Parlee McLaws LLP

Phone: 780-423-8500

Fax: 780-423-2870

Location:10175 101 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J, Canada; 

Email: anorget@parlee.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

J.S. Patel, Barrister

Full Name: J.S. Patel, Barrister

Specialty: Criminal Defence and Immigration Enforcement

Business Name: Kay Patel Mahoney Chow - Barrister's Chambers

Phone: 403-585-1960

Toll Free: 1-888-695-2211

Fax: 403-452-8015

Location:444 5 Ave SW #2300, Calgary, AB T2P 2T8, Canada; 

Email: j.s.patel@icloud.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Kevin Weeks

Full Name: Kevin Weeks

Specialty: IP Real Estate Leasing Corporate Commercial Wills Estates Entertainment Personal

Business Name: Weeks Law

Phone: 14032094988

Fax: 14034446827

Location:10325 "402 Willowpark Centre", Bonaventure Dr SE, Calgary, AB T2J 7E4, Canada; 

Email: nexus@weekslaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

John Sinclair

Full Name: John Sinclair

Specialty: Divorce and Civil Litigation

Business Name: Sinclair Adanza Court Agents and Paralegal Services

Phone: (403) 265-5575

Location:604 1 St SW, Calgary, AB T2P 1M6, Canada; 

Email: general@sinclairadanza.com

Account type:Lawyer; 

Maggie M. O'Shaughnessy

Full Name: Maggie M. O'Shaughnessy

Specialty: Criminal Defense Lawyer

Business Name: O'Shaughnessy Criminal Law

Phone: 403-457-1529

Fax: 403-457-2937

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: info@oshaughnessylawpractice.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Prairie Pacific Law

Full Name: Prairie Pacific Law

Business Name: Prairie Pacific Law

Phone: 403-471-2188

Location:2439 54 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 1M4, Canada; 

Email: john@mostowichlaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

The 2020 Law Group

Full Name: The 2020 Law Group

Specialty: Real Estate

Phone: 403.730.2020

Fax: 403.255.4224

Location:7330 Fisher St SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0L9, Canada; 

Email: reid@2020law.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Deborah L. Barron

Full Name: Deborah L. Barron

Specialty: Accidents & Personal Injury

Business Name: Deborah L. Barron, B.A., LLB

Phone: 403.238.0000

Fax: 403.238.2255

Location:5940 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 2G4, Canada; 

Email: dbarron@deborahbarronlaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

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