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Erik Mitbrodt

Full Name: Erik Mitbrodt

Specialty: Personal Injury

Fax: 604-549-9121

Location:New Westminster, BC V3L 1V3, Canada; 

Business Name: Chung & Associates

Phone: (604) 441 3343

Email: erik@schunglaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Jillian McLennan

Full Name: Jillian McLennan

Specialty: British Columbia Incorporations

Business Name: McLennan Consulting

Phone: 6048335588

Location:Vancouver, BC V6E 4N2, Canada; 

Email: jillmclennan@hotmail.com

Account type:Lawyer; 

Jason S. Newcombe

Full Name: Jason S. Newcombe

Specialty: Criminal, DUI, Bankruptcy, Divorce, Family Law, Personal Injury, Traffic Tickets

Business Name: The Law Offices of Jason S. Newcombe

Phone: (206) 624-3644

Toll Free: (844) 925-2943

Fax: (206) 624-3677

Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada; 

Email: jason@washingtonstateattorneys.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

David Klein

Full Name: David Klein

Business Name: Klein Lawyers LLP

Phone: (604) 874-7171

Location:1385 W 8th Ave #400, Vancouver, BC V6H 3W4, Canada; 

Email: kleinlyons@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver

Full Name: Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver

Specialty: immigration lawyers

Business Name: Guaranteed Immigration Vancouver

Phone: 778-862-0473

Location:128 W Hastings St #210, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G9, Canada; 

Email: guaranteedimmigration.social@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Ross Mclarty

Full Name: Ross Mclarty

Specialty: Estate Litigation

Business Name: McLarty Wolf Litigation Lawyers

Phone: 604-688-9542

Location:1216 Nelson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z, Canada; 

Email: mclartywolf@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Heather Hettiarachchi, LL.B; M.Sc

Full Name: Heather Hettiarachchi, LL.B; M.Sc

Specialty: Employment & Labour Law

Business Name: Integritas Workplace Law Corporation

Phone: 604-816-8577

Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada; 

Email: iwl@telus.net

Account type:Paralegal; 

Martin Peters Criminal Defense Lawyer

Full Name: Martin Peters Criminal Defense Lawyer

Specialty: Criminal and Evironmental

Business Name: Martin Peters Criminal Defence Lawyer

Phone: (604) 682-6555

Fax: (866) 826-2909

Location:602 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P2, Canada; 

Email: jmartinpeters@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Stuart Lein Law Corporation

Full Name: Stuart Lein Law Corporation

Specialty: Personal Injury and Criminal Law

Business Name: Stuart Lein Law Corporation

Phone: 604-684-7517

Fax: 604-685-2104

Location:510 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6C, Canada; 

Email: slein@leinlawcorp.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Fowler and Smith Barristers

Full Name: Fowler and Smith Barristers

Specialty: Criminal Defense

Business Name: Fowler and Smith Barristers

Phone: (604)684-1311

Fax: (604)6819797

Location:602 W Hastings St #502, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P2, Canada; 

Email: rfowler@fowlersmithlaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Harbor Family Law

Full Name: Harbor Family Law

Specialty: Family Law & Estate Planning

Business Name: Harbor Family Law

Phone: (604) 259-2425

Fax: (604) 259-2426

Location:1285 W Broadway #600, Vancouver, BC V6H, Canada; 

Email: info@harbourlaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Kelly Harvey Russ Personal Law Corporation

Full Name: Kelly Harvey Russ Personal Law Corporation

Specialty: Family Law

Business Name: Kelly Harvey Russ Personal Law Corporation

Phone: (604 921-2299

Fax: (604)921-2296

Location:100 Park Royal S #200, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1A2, Canada; 

Email: russfamilylaw@telus.net

Account type:Paralegal; 

Gilsig Family Law & Mediation

Gilsig Family Law & Mediation

Full Name: Gilsig Family Law & Mediation

Specialty: Family Law

Business Name: Gilsig Family Law & Mediation

Phone: (604)669-6402

Fax: (604)224-2933

Location:3819 W 30th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6S 1W9, Canada; 

Email: info@gilsig.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Morrison & Co. Law Corporation

Full Name: Morrison & Co. Law Corporation

Business Name: Morrison & Co. Law Corporation

Phone: (604) 930-9013

Fax: (604) 930-9014

Location:19237 122a Ave #206, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 2E9, Canada; 

Email: admin@morrocolaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Tim Louis & Company

Full Name: Tim Louis & Company

Specialty: personal injury and long-term disability cases.

Business Name: Tim Louis & Company

Phone: (604) 732-7678

Location:175 E Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5T 1W2, Canada; 

Email: lawyerinvancouver@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Catherine A. Hofmann

Catherine A. Hofmann

Full Name: Catherine A. Hofmann

Specialty: Business, Admiralty and Maritime.

Phone: (604) 661-0612

Fax: (604) 681-1788

Location:570 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6C 3P1, Canada; 

Email: hofmann@bernardlp.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

J.S. Patel, Barrister

Full Name: J.S. Patel, Barrister

Specialty: Criminal Defence and Immigration Enforcement

Business Name: Kay Patel Mahoney Chow - Barrister's Chambers

Phone: 403-585-1960

Toll Free: 1-888-695-2211

Fax: 403-452-8015

Location:444 5 Ave SW #2300, Calgary, AB T2P 2T8, Canada; 

Email: j.s.patel@icloud.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Paul J. Bosco

Full Name: Paul J. Bosco

Specialty: Personal Injury

Business Name: Murphy Battista LLP

Phone: 604-683-9621

Toll Free: 1-888-683-9621

Fax: 604-683-5084

Location:2020 650 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6B 4N7, Canada; 

Email: pjbosco@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Overholt Law

Full Name: Overholt Law

Business Name: Overholt Law

Phone: 778-653-7561

Toll Free: 877-296-1161

Location:889 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1M2, Canada; 

Email: info@overholtlawyers.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Richter Trial Lawyers

Full Name: Richter Trial Lawyers

Specialty: Estate Litigation, Family & Personal injuries

Business Name: Richter Trial Lawyers

Phone: 604.264.5550

Location:5687 Yew St #310, Vancouver, BC V6M, Canada; 

Email: info@richtertriallaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

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