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Alberta Injury Lawyer

Full Name: Alberta Injury Lawyer
Specialty: Personal Injury Cases
Fax: 1-7804325092
Business Name: Alberta Injury Lawyer
Phone: 1-7804399360
Email: albertainjurylawyer.social@gmail.com

The Oak Law Firm

Full Name: The Oak Law Firm
Specialty: Criminal Defence, Employment and Family Law
Business Name: The Oak Law Firm
Phone: 780-428-8848
Email: oaklawedmonton@gmail.com
Michael W. McVey

Michael W. McVey

Full Name: Michael W. McVey
Specialty: Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury
Business Name: Weir Bowen LLP
Phone: 780.424.2030
Toll Free: 1.877.424.2323
Fax: 780.424.2323
Email: mmcvey@weirbowen.com

Verhaeghe & Boisvert Law Office

Full Name: Verhaeghe & Boisvert Law Office
Business Name: Verhaeghe & Boisvert Law Office
Phone: (587) 410-2500
Email: office@freedomlaw.ca

McGlashan & Mackinnon Barristers & Solicitors

Full Name: McGlashan & Mackinnon Barristers & Solicitors
Specialty: Family, Criminal, Corporate, Real Estate, and Estate Law
Business Name: McGlashan & Mackinnon Barristers & Solicitors
Phone: (780) 437-3030
Email: info@mandmlaw.ca

HKD Law Barristers-Solicitors

Full Name: HKD Law Barristers-Solicitors
Specialty: Criminal/DUI, Family, Administrative, and Dispute Resolution
Business Name: HKD Law Barristers-Solicitors
Phone: (780)394-4741
Email: Kim@Freedomlaw.ca

Adam J. Norget

Full Name: Adam J. Norget
Specialty: Employment / Civil Litigation / Commercial Litigation
Business Name: Parlee McLaws LLP
Phone: 780-423-8500
Fax: 780-423-2870
Email: anorget@parlee.com

J.S. Patel, Barrister

Full Name: J.S. Patel, Barrister
Specialty: Criminal Defence and Immigration Enforcement
Business Name: Kay Patel Mahoney Chow - Barrister's Chambers
Phone: 403-585-1960
Toll Free: 1-888-695-2211
Fax: 403-452-8015
Email: j.s.patel@icloud.com

Randall Osgood

Full Name: Randall Osgood
Specialty: Estate Litigation, Real Estate Estate Planning and Dependent Adult
Business Name: Meikle Osgood
Phone: 780 454 7111
Fax: 780 454 7177
Email: rosgood@meiklelaw.ca

Gunn Law Group

Full Name: Gunn Law Group
Specialty: Criminal defence lawyers in Edmonton
Business Name: Gunn Law Group
Phone: (780) 488-4460
Fax: (780) 488-4783
Email: info@gunnlawgroup.ca