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Camille Boyer

Full Name: Camille Boyer

Specialty: Family Law

Fax: 8887693871

Location:441 5 Ave SW #550, Calgary, AB T2P 2V1, Canada; 

Business Name: Camille Boyer

Phone: 4034071973

Email: cboyer@hart-legal.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Marcus Sixta

Full Name: Marcus Sixta

Specialty: Family Law

Business Name: Crossroads Law

Phone: 877-445-2627

Fax: 877-445-2627

Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada; 

Email: csharma@crossroadslaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Michelle L. Graham

Full Name: Michelle L. Graham

Specialty: Barrister/ Solicitor/ Notary Public

Business Name: Legacy Law Group

Phone: 587-393-8721

Fax: 587-356-0355

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: michelle@legacylawgroup.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Osuji & Smith Lawyers

Full Name: Osuji & Smith Lawyers

Specialty: General Practice

Business Name: Osuji & Smith Lawyers

Phone: 4032838018

Fax: 4032703065

Location:348 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1Z7, Canada; 

Email: C.osuji@osujismith.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Kahane Law Office

Full Name: Kahane Law Office

Specialty: Criminal Law

Business Name: Kahane Law Office

Phone: 403-910-2587

Toll Free: 18772258817

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: jbuffalo@kahanelaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Erin Townley

Erin Townley

Full Name: Erin Townley

Specialty: Family Law

Business Name: Hart Legal

Phone: 403-455-0160

Toll Free: 1-877-788-9477

Fax: 1-888-769-3871

Location:441 5 Ave SW #550, Calgary, AB T2P 2V1, Canada; 

Email: etownley@hart-legal.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Banks Family Law / Helen Banks

Full Name: Banks Family Law / Helen Banks

Specialty: High Conflict Separations / Divorces

Business Name: Banks Family Law

Phone: 587-351-4966

Fax: 403-265-9334

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: banks@helenbanksfamilylaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Farouk Shivji

Full Name: Farouk Shivji

Specialty: Real Estate Lawyer

Business Name: Shivji Law | Calgary Real Estate Lawyer

Phone: 587-317-9877

Fax: 403-253-5883

Location:5940 Macleod Trail SW, Calgary, AB T2H 2G4, Canada; 

Email: edenahbez561@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Wayne Barkauskas

Full Name: Wayne Barkauskas

Specialty: Family law, Collaborative Law, Mediator, Arbitrator, Parenting coordinator

Business Name: Wise Scheible Barkauskas

Phone: 403 750-2584

Fax: 403 269-6785

Location:700 4 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 3J4, Canada; 

Email: wayneb@divorceinc.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Gleb Malinovsky

Gleb Malinovsky

Full Name: Gleb Malinovsky

Specialty: Corporate, commercial, employment

Business Name: Southern Alberta Law Offices

Phone: 403-995-1410

Fax: 403-995-1412

Location:638 11 Ave SW #200, Calgary, AB T2R 0E2, Canada; 

Email: gleb@southernalbertalaw.net

Account type:Paralegal; 

Maria Habib

Full Name: Maria Habib

Business Name: Shim Law

Phone: 403-476-2011

Fax: 587-349-1617

Location:1100 8 Ave SW #201, Calgary, AB T2P 3T8, Canada; 

Email: mhabib@shimlaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Kelly Law

Full Name: Kelly Law

Specialty: Real Estate, Condominium Law, Wills and Estates, Arbitration, Mediation

Business Name: Kelly Law

Phone: 403-410-3863

Fax: 1-888-639-1990

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: kevin@kpkellylaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Peace Eze

Full Name: Peace Eze

Specialty: Real Estate, Personal Injury, Immigration and Family Law

Business Name: Peacelegal

Phone: 4039997463

Fax: 4034552635

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: peace.eze@hotmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Steven Bodi

Steven Bodi

Full Name: Steven Bodi

Phone: 403.232.9491

Fax: 403.266.1395

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: sbodi@blg.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

David West

Full Name: David West

Specialty: Residential Real Estate / Wills & Estates

Business Name: West Legal

Phone: 403-723-0175

Fax: 403-723-0378

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: dwest@west-legal.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

Kaela Ettienne

Full Name: Kaela Ettienne

Specialty: Residential Real Estate

Business Name: LegalEase Paralegal Solutions Inc.

Phone: 587-352-5852

Fax: 4032732035

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: LegalEase.Kaela@shaw.ca

Account type:Lawyer; 

Charles Fair

Full Name: Charles Fair

Business Name: Mainwood Legal Services

Phone: 403-705-3129

Location:207 4 St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 3S1, Canada; 

Email: charles@fairmediations.com

Account type:Paralegal; 



Specialty: Trial and Appeal Specialists; Family Law; Estates

Business Name: OMURA LAW GROUP

Phone: 403-930-0454

Fax: 403-770-8182

Location:Calgary, AB, Canada; 

Email: romura@omuralaw.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Alberta Injury Lawyer

Full Name: Alberta Injury Lawyer

Specialty: Personal Injury Cases

Business Name: Alberta Injury Lawyer

Phone: 1-7804399360

Fax: 1-7804325092

Location:HUB Mall, 112 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6G 2C5, Canada; 

Email: albertainjurylawyer.social@gmail.com

Account type:Paralegal; 

Parmar Law

Full Name: Parmar Law

Specialty: Child Welfare, Refugee

Business Name: Parmar Law

Phone: 403 455 4349

Fax: 403 455 9796

Location:404 6 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2P 0R9, Canada; 

Email: info@parmarlaw.ca

Account type:Paralegal; 

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